BULTO is the first queer techno-and-fetish collective from Colombia.

Since its inception three years ago in Bogotá, BULTO’s main focus was to change the heteronormative club scene in a conservative country firmly rooted in Catholic traditions. With its first party in 2019, they wanted to create a spectacle that wasn’t just gay-friendly but queer-positive; an environment where all facets of the LGBTQ+ spectrum could be celebrated without prejudices or boundaries; and a safe space where minorities were free to be their true selves: the dance floor.

BULTO has rapidly grown to become a shelter for many outcasts of the country, where it’s becoming more common to see people travel from other cities and make their almost-monthly pilgrimage. Inside BULTO there’s no place for discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, fatphobia or any type of harassment, and privacy is respected through a strict “no photos/videos” policy. At BULTO, techno—the axis of the party—coexists with sex and sweat, leather and latex, individual freedom and collective joy.

Inside its sold-out parties, with a focus on high quality sound systems and detailed aesthetics, BULTO has welcomed the Colombian debut of DJs such as Boris from Ostgut Ton, Mama Snake, CEM and MCMLXXXV from Herrensauna, Schacke and Sugar from Fast Forward, Saoirse, Juana, Umfang and Akua from Discwoman, and more recently MARRØN, alongside their residents Hypomania, Jesuz X, Nina Naranjo and Amantra. This year alone, BULTO marked its third anniversary with an uninhibited super-sized party that lasted 12 hours; it also debuted a day-to-night time event with a house music twist different from previous nighttime revels, but no less intense.