Moritz III is the moniker that links the sonic universes of Nelson Vásquez. Born in Bogotá and with a musical journey traceable since 2012, initially behind the scenes and up until today, he has been the mastermind behind many groundbreaking performances on the international circuit in the country.

Moritz III’s sound has managed to make a significant difference within an increasingly noisy and repetitive environment. A devout music aficionado in body and soul for years, and an unparalleled DJ with taste and technique, he has skillfully pushed his art further away from the mainstream ear to evoke atmospheres and surprise with unexpected twists.

Whether a DJ for DJs or a DJ for the audience, his art is as unique as his passion, always committed to sharing music with open arms and discerning ears. Multiple residencies, such as Video Club and Paradisco, and his constant collaboration between both stages, have allowed him to find space and comfort to explore.

His curiosity and passion have led him to share the stage with key international figures, linking textures and musical sensibilities from Medellín to Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York, as well as impactful stages in his native Colombia such as BAUM Festival in 2023, Garage Noord and Mur Mur in the Netherlands, Sameheads in Berlin, and more.

These are just a few connections that prove Moritz III’s versatility and dynamic presence, showcasing the incomparable energy he injects into his performances. Moritz III finds full comfort in daily curiosity, discovering and collecting unheard musical gems, becoming a name that increasingly gains relevance in the national and international underground circuit.